1. suicidewatch:

    Radio Birdman, 1977

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  2. theswinginsixties:

    A boy blowing out candles with his new Monkees album, 1967.

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  3. vintagenatgeographic:

    A french girl welcomes her country’s liberators outside the Palace of Versailles

    National Geographic | April 1945

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  4. Super bummed I work Sunday and can’t go see them :/

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  5. vintagesalt:

    Joan Jett on Santa Monica Pier, 1977

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  6. fuckyeahvintage-retro:

    Cats on the Roof, 1954 © Robert Doisneau

  8. theswinginsixties:

    The Rolling Stones: Mick Jagger on stage.

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  11. suicidewatch:

    The early 80s DC Hardcore scene.

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    Elvis Costello