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    steve martin

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    Debbie Harry by Chris Stein


  5. I had the best birthday I’ve ever had. I have wonderful friends. Also the greatest person on earth just happens to be my girlfriend and she has quite a knack for making me happier than I could ever imagine being.


  7. In my Advocacy and Argument class we have to anonymously write notes to our peers on their speeches. My notes …
    Topic: why you shouldn’t drink milk.
    Notes: how do we hold the cows responsible?
    Topic: why video games cause violence
    Notes: Mentioning the Brooklyn Brick Killer who was influenced by Tetris would have been helpful.
    Topic: why GMOs need to labeled
    Notes: Feeding a genetically modified tomato to an iguana would have illustrated your thesis much better than the power point

  8. @mannacv made the start to my birthday special :)



  11. My Very Conservative Mom: Do you want to have your friends over for your birthday?
    *Flash Backs*





    Me: No that’s okay.

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    Before Punk Rock Bowling was as big of an event as it is now, Ryan’s record label, Big Lizard Records, used to book the afterparties with these kinds of bands. Ryan’s humble & won’t say he got this ball rolling with all the afterparties that PRB does now but yeah. He totally did.

    He’s so much cooler than me.

    :0 That’s bananas. He’s so much cooler than me too.

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    Snake anatomy. Brehm’s Tierleben. 1920.

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    July 1969

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