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    Chuck Berry


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    Mclusky - “To Hell With Good Intentions”

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  5. One of my Uncles just posted these pictures of my Aunts. The top is Aunt Lucy and the one below it is Aunt Virginia. I really want to go back to Georgia and visit them. They’re really sweet and they have accents like my Grandma did. :)


  6. yanettramirez:

    David Bowie | Modern Love

    The one exception to my 80’s Bowie thing.

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    Lovers with 3-D glasses 1943, by Weegee

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    Iggy & The Stooges

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    My favorite person😜💕

    This girl drives me bananas. 🍌😊

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    Nü Sensae.
    The Shop under Parts And Labour, Toronto.
    December 28, 2012. 


  15. Out of Focus

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